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Nutcrackers, Steiff Teddy Bears

Nutcrackers and nutcracker themed gifts. Also, Steiff from the company that invited Teddy Bears.  Go to: Nutcracker Decorations, Steiff Teddy Bears and Friends

Steiff Teddy Bears and Friends

From the company that invented the teddy bear in 1902, bears and other friends with lots to love!

Collectible Neiman Marcus Bear Steiff Starly Riding Unicorn Steiff Franzi the Riding Pony
Collectible Neiman Marcus Bear Starly Riding Unicorn Franzi the Riding Pony
Steiff collectible Neiman Marcus stuffed bear. Ultra-soft and sumptuous fabrics. Up-to-date European design. Contemporary colors. Cute and cuddly styles that kids love. Perfect gift for children of all ages. Handmade by skilled artisans. Legendary Steiff quality. Steiff "Starly" riding unicorn. Faux fur (acrylic/polyester) mane and tail. Signature "Button in Ear" with yellow tag. Franzi the riding pony by Steiff. Faux-fur body, mane, and tail (acrylic/cotton). Wooden handles, rocker, and frame. Plastic safety eyes. Brass logo in ear.


Steiff Disney Lion King Gift Set Steiff Disney's Mickey Mouse The Sorcerer's Apprentice Limited Edition Collectors Item Steiff Frozen Olaf Plush Collectible
Disney Lion King Gift Set Disney's Mickey Mouse The Sorcerer's Apprentice Limited Edition Collectors Item Frozen Olaf Plush Collectible
Exactly 25 years after the debut of the animated version, The Lion King returns to the screen in this exciting new format. To celebrate, Steiff is thrilled to present a four-piece set of the main characters as they appear in the live-action theatrical release. Limited edition of 994, to commemorate the original film's 1994 release date. Set of four figurines includes Simba, Nala, Timon, and Pumbaa. You'll be completely enchanted by Steiff's ultimate version of Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer's Apprentice from Fantasia. The 1940 film was the third full-length animated feature from Walt Disney Studios. It casts Mickey Mouse as the sorcerer's apprentice who meets the great sorcerer, Yen Sid, and causes chaos in his workshop. Mickey accidentally brings a bevy brooms to life, but the unruly group soon ignore his commands and replicate themselves. Will he succeed in getting the rebellious sweepers under control again? (You'll have to re-watch Fantasia if you don't remember!) Steiff's Mickey Mouse from "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" is resplendent in red velvet coat, blue trousers, and wizard's hat. With white gloves that complete his ensemble, this dapper and magical mouse wants nothing more than to be part of your Steiff Mickey Mouse collection. He's handcrafted in Germany by the toy industry's most talented artisans from the world's finest materials. Like all Steiff creations, he wears the famous "Button in Ear" trademark, symbol of highest quality. From the company personally selected by Walt Disney to produce some of the earliest Mickey Mouse plush toys ever made. Originally an inanimate snowman that Anna and Elsa built while playing as children, Olaf came to life when Elsa unleashed the full extent of her powerful magic. He's funny, loyal, and extremely friendly! After teaming up with Anna, Kristoff, and Sven in an epic journey to save Elsa and the Kingdom, Olaf becomes a cherished part of Arendelle's royal family. Steiff Disney Olaf plush. Limited edition of 2,013 pieces. Embroidered eyes.

Nutcracker Decorations

FAO Schwarz Swarovski Crystal Nutcracker Drummer, 20"
FAO Schwarz Swarovski Crystal Nutcracker Drummer, 20"
FAO Schwarz Nutcracker Drummer fully covered in hand-placed Swarovski® crystals. Limited Edition, Annual Design. Swarovski® Tracking # to register your piece. Includes keepsake storage box. Hand-painted details.

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