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Wall and Floor Mirrors

Floor mirrors and wall mirrors add light and space to your rooms. Add the polish of classic European style decorative mirrors for old-world elegance. See more wall decor. Venetian Mirrors, Floor Mirrors, Unique Shapes, Rectangular Mirrors, Round Mirrors

Venetian Mirrors

"Renowned as a center for glassmaking since the 15th century, Venice was home to the artisans of Murano who originated the Venetian mirror. The term usually refers to a mirror whose frame is composed of layers of mirror that is cut, beveled, and etched by hand. The graceful shapes and ornamentation of Venetian-style mirrors are created today by artisans in Indonesia who have spent years perfecting their techniques and often work more than a week to complete a single mirror"

Etched Mirror Reina Mirror Daphne Mirror
Etched Mirror Reina Mirror Daphne Mirror
Handcrafted beveled mirror. Framed in etched, antiqued mirrors. 25"W x 1.25"D x 35"T. Outer frame finished in heavily antiqued gold leaf. Mirror framed in glass gilded with gold leaf. Mirror framed by hand-cut glass finished with antiqued silver. 32"W x 1.4"D x 32"T.


Howard Elliott Galaxy Mirror "Nicola" Mirror Marta Wall Mirror
Interlocking mirror glass panels lend incredible dimension to Howard Elliott's Galaxy Mirror Shapes within shapes and delicate etching form a pretty mirror that's traditional in style but versatile in scope. It's nicely sized, as well, to make the most of its light-catching, space-enhancing effects without being overwhelming  A striking reflection of good taste, this rectangular mirror has a frame of hand-cut, wheel-engraved mirrored glass.


Elaina Mirror Hovan Mirror Venezia Dressing Mirror
With this mirror on the wall, you're sure to have the fairest home of all Handcrafted frameless, arched mirror. Beveled. Polished edges with etching and V-shaped grooves for character Traditional Venetian mirror. Wood composite backing.


Felicie Oval Mirror HCF17_H9BDA
"Miramar" Figure-8 Mirror Felicie Oval Mirror Giorgia Mirror
A contemporary design with flowing lines surrounding the inner mirror Handcrafted mirror with etched insets and beaded edges. Resin frame. Antique-gold finish. Venetian-style mirror. Made of intricately hand-cut glass decorated with wheel engraved designs.


Vasari Mirror Gianeta Mirror "Ernhart" Oval Venetian-Style Mirror
Octagonal Vasari wall mirror is framed with smaller mirrors featuring hand-etched detailing An aesthetic essential, this exquisite Venetian-style mirror exudes a personality all its own and ultimately defines any space. Venetian-inspired mirror with decorative cuttings and etchings on all perimeters


NMF16_H87P6 HCS16_H8DU2
Basset Mirror Bel Air Mirror, 39 x 48 Petite Fleur Venetian-Style Mirror Genoa Wall Mirror
Intricate frame Beveled mirror with textured edge. Pattern engraved on mirrored frame. Finished wood composite back. Hangs vertically or horizontally. Frameless mirror. Polished edges; v-shaped grooves for character.


Geometric Mirror HCF17_H8R2T
Geometric Mirror Isabella Mirror Mirror-Tile Framed Mirror
Beveled mirror in openwork mirrored frame. 30"W x 1.3"D x 44"T. Handcrafted mirror. Thin inner border of gray mirror for contrast. Wood composite backing. Beveled mirror. Framed in mirrored tiles accented with bronze studs. 

Pear-Shaped Venetian Mirror HCF17_H8GNF Epernay Wall Mirror
Pear-Shaped Venetian Mirror Oval Dressing Mirror Sterling Industries Epernay Wall Mirror
Handmade engraving frame to boost up the classical looks of this mirror—inspired by the elegant shape of peer and surround by beautiful venetian works. Oval mirror framed with an engraved design. Wood composite-backed glass. Epernay Venetian glass wall mirror.

Floor Mirrors

HCF17_H8Q8G Rosinna Antiqued Mirror
Prazzo Leaner Mirror Haute House Thebes Floor Mirror "Rosinna" Antiqued Mirror
Handcrafted mirror. Designed to lean against a wall; do not hang. Wood frame with ornately carved corners. Antiqued silver finish. Handcrafted floor mirror. Alder wood frame upholstered in polyester/rayon velvet with a sheen. Shiny nickel nailhead trim Place our "Rosinna" mirror in an entryway to make a grand opening statement or anywhere you want to expand your space


Sterling Industries Arched Mirror Beaded Floor Mirror Mirror-Framed Full-Length Mirror
Grandly scaled, this antiqued mirror has a stained metal frame and overlay This mirror-framed mirror provides illusions of space and fills the room with light No-frills, full-length dressing mirror is tall and slender, the perfect size for viewing your fabulous outfit.


"Glam" Floor Mirror Floor Mirror
Patterned, beveled-mirror glass highlights this glamorous floor mirror. But there's more to this mirror than meets the eye. A hidden compartment behind the center mirror allows for pocket storage of valuables Our dramatically sized mirror stands a commanding seven feet tall


Benedict Floor Mirror Warrick Standing Mirror
Handcrafted, antiqued, silvered, and beveled floor mirror. Wood composite backing. For wall or floor display; hangs vertically or horizontally. Mirrored glass on wood composite backing.

Unique Shapes

Mosaic Mirror Slide View: 1: Emerging Ellipses Mirror Gannon Framed Mirror
John-Richard Collection Mosaic Mirror Emerging Ellipses Mirror Gannon Framed Mirror
Handcrafted mirror framed mirror pieces enhanced by silver and gold leaf beaded edges Mirrored glass, engineered hardwood, iron Handcrafted mirror. 29"W x 1"D x 38"T.

Amara Wall Mirror
"Cattaneo" Mirror Amara Wall Mirror
Although the shape alone catches the eye, strips of hand-beveled mirrors bordered by beaded edges call even more attention to this beveled looking glass. The beading is heavily antiqued in a silver champagne hue Wood composite/mirror.


Slide View: 1: Avian-Carved Mirror Slide View: 1: Paige Mirror
Avian-Carved Mirror Paige Mirror
Birds perch amongst trellis-inspired carvings on this statement mirror. A geometric mirror accented with a brass loop adds a modern accent to whichever wall it's placed.

Rectangular Mirrors

Newcastle Mirror "Chippendale" Mirror Silver Clad Rectangular Mirror
Newcastle Mirror Mirror Image "Chippendale" Mirror Silver Clad Rectangular Mirror
An intriguing and elaborate technique of reverse painted method, incorporating metallic, mainly silver highlights of background on blue and tanned tones.  Chippendale-style wall mirror. Frame is made of polyurethane with a distressed gold-leaf finish 32"W x 2"D x 40"T. Rectangle frame design with beveled mirror applied silver clad with hand. Wood composite and golden leaf.


Burton Mirror
Burton Mirror Beaded Mirror Bordered Mirror
Burton mirror can be hung vertically or horizontally. 30"W x 1.5"D x 45"T. Border is composed of beveled, antiqued mirror panels. Inner mirror has 1.25" bevel. Wood and beveled glass. Beaded frame with antiqued-silver finish. Can hang vertically or horizontally. Classically styled beveled mirror. Bordered in antiqued, beveled mirrors.


Maxwell Petrified Wood Mirror Etched Rectangular Mirror
Palecek Maxwell Petrified Wood Mirror Etched Rectangular Mirror Beaded Wall Mirror
Features authentic petrified wood tiles with polished stainless steel trim and rivets inside and outside edge. Each tile is unique and will vary in pattern and color. Cracking is natural and not considered a defect. With cleats mount both vertically and horizontally. Petrified wood/stainless steel. Beveled mirror in mirrored frame. 33"W x 0.6"D x 44.5"T. Rectangular wall mirror is framed with antiqued mirrored insets bordered by beaded trim

Oval and Round Mirrors

HCS16_H8E4M Slide View: 1: Olive Leaf Mirror
Oval Beaded Mirror Olive Leaf Mirror Portia Fluted Lamp
Traci Oval Mirror
Oval beveled mirror. Beaded silver-leaf frame with antiqued mirror insets. Hangs vertically or horizontally. Brass, iron, mirrored glass, plywood A plump body with just enough fluting to give it texture, a slender neck, and a flared shade—we find the balanced look of this gorgeous lamp absolutely delightful. The clear acrylic foot adds the perfect finishing touch


Howard Elliott Torino Mirror Howard Elliott George Mirror
Sparkling glass recalls the style of Venetian window treatments in Howard Elliott's Torino mirror. A transitional design with an easy-to-pair style, this oval mirror from Howard Elliott brings personality to any room.

Oval Framed Mirror Upon Reflection Floor Mirror
Oval Framed Mirror Upon Reflection Floor Mirror
This white oval framed mirror narrows at the top and bottom which gives this mirror a modern look. This polished white lacquer finish is trimmed in golden accents. The mirror is beveled and can hang vertically or horizontally Glass and Iron. Unique item—perfect for any style.

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