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European Crystal

European crystal is some of the most beautiful and creative in the world. The brilliance of crystal as it catches the light has excited collectors since it's invention centuries ago. Select a treasure and bring dramatic art to your home. Go to:  William Yeoward Crystal Waterford CrystalEuropean Glass, Orrefors Kostaboda

European Glass

Veritas Lavender Convex Square Bowl Veritas 12" Optical Vase with Slices VeritasYellow Round Convex Bowl
Handcrafted bowl. 6"Sq. x 6"T. Glass. Hand wash; not dishwasher or microwave safe. Handcrafted vase. 12"T. Glass. Handcrafted bowl. 6"Dia. x 6"T. Glass. Hand wash.

NMF17_H9WAE NMF17_H9WJU Rectangular Vase with Pyramid Cuts
Veritas Diamond-Cut Convex Bowl Veritas Emerald-Cut Amber Votive Veritas Rectangular Vase with Pyramid Cuts
Handcrafted bowl. 6"Sq. Glass. Hand wash; not dishwasher or microwave safe. Handcrafted votive. 4"Sq. Glass. Handcrafted vase with pyramid cuts. 8"W x 5"D x 15"T. Glass.

Single Flower Blue-Green Vase
Juliska Acanthus Clear Bowl, 5.5 Carlo Moretti Single Flower Blue-Green Vase Rogaska Magic Knight Centerpiece
Rogaska  Magic Night Vase
Mouth-blown glass. Dishwasher safe Handcrafted vase. Blown glass Approximately 5"Dia. x 6.75"T. Made in Italy. Centerpiece made of lead crystal.

Iittala Art Glass, Toikka Birds Collection icon Iittala Toikka Anna Mouth-Blown Glass Chick Figurine
First hatched in 1972 by artist Oiva Toikka, the fanciful Birds collection from iittala captures the nuances of each creature in beautiful mouth-blown glass. In 2016, Iittala introduces two entirely new hens to the flock. Anna, the mother, shelters her chick, Mari. Their hollow forms are a novel interpretation for this collection and can be used to shelter smaller chicks or other treasures.

Revolution Vase Moser Pebbles Small Bowl and Barware Rogaska Brilliance 10 Vase
Vase made of heavy crystal. Natural stones and ice were the muse behind this textural, whimsical pattern. Artfully created by Moser's master engravers, it's one of the designer's most popular collections. Crystal

William Yeoward Crystal

The coveted crystal of William Yeoward combines a modern sensibility with meticulous craftsmanship and vintage appeal. The intricate designs continue the rich English and Irish crystal tradition.

NMF17_H9VFH Honeycomb Honey Jar & Spoon NMF17_H9VKJ
William Yeoward Fern Covered Honey Jar William Yeoward Honeycomb Honey Jar & Spoon William Yeoward Honeybee Honey Jar
Handcrafted honey jar. 5"T. Handmade crystal. Handcrafted amber glass honey jar. 4"Dia. x 5"T. Spoon included. Hand wash. Handcrafted honey jar. 4.5"T. Handmade glass.


NMF17_H9VHT Harlequine Nut Bowl NMF17_H9VHR
William Yeoward Olive Compote Harlequine Nut Bowl William Yeoward Portia 12" Cake Stand with Dome
Handcrafted compote. 5"T. Handmade crystal. Handcrafted nut bowl. 5"Dia. Handmade crystal. Hand wash. Handcrafted covered cake stand. 12"Dia. x 12.5"T with dome; 5.75"T without dome. Handmade glass.


William Yeoward Eugenie Bonbonniere William Yeoward Edwina 9" Tazza William Yeoward Karen Compote
Handcrafted covered dish. 8"Dia. x 7"T. Hand-cut, polished crystal. Handcrafted serving pedestal. 9"Dia. Handmade glass. Handcrafted compote. 5"T. Handmade crystal.

Georgia Rose Crystal Bowl Inez Nut Bowl
William Yeoward Georgia Rose Crystal Bowl Inez Nut Bowl
Handmade crystal bowl with rise detailing from the Georgia collection. Approx. 6"H x 6"Dia. Holds 54 oz. Made in Poland. Handcrafted nut bowl. 3.75"Dia. Handmade crystal. Hand wash.


William Yeoward Alice Large Bowl
Alice Small Bowl
William Yeoward Inez Compote
Handcrafted bowl. Handmade glass. Handcrafted compote. 5"Dia. x 4.5"T Handmade crystal.

Inez Footed Bowl Fern Berry Bowl Jasmine Salad Bowl
Inez Footed Bowl Fern Berry Bowl Jasmine Salad Bowl
Handcrafted bowl. 5"Dia. Handmade crystal. Handcrafted bowl. 4.5"Dia. Handmade crystal. Hand wash. Handcrafted glass salad bowl. 9"Dia. x 5"T. Hand wash.


NMF17_H9VHP NMF17_H9V4K Dakota Carafe
William Yeoward Thea Carafe William Yeoward Lillian Square Decanter Dakota Carafe
Handcrafted carafe. Holds 27 ounces. Handmade crystal. Handcrafted decanter. 9.75"T; holds 35 ounces. Handmade glass. Handcrafted carafe. Glass. Hand wash. 4.875"Dia. x 9.25"T; holds 35 ounces. Made in Poland.


William Yeoward Wisteria 2-Pint Pitcher William Yeoward Country Pitcher William Yeoward Davina Tall Jug
Handcrafted pitcher. 8"T; holds 2 pints. Handmade glass. Handcrafted pitcher. 11"T; holds 4 pints. Handmade glass. Handcrafted jug. 11"T. Holds 54 ounces. Handmade crystal.

Corinne Pitcher NMF17_H9VHJ Jasmine Pitcher
Corinne Pitcher William Yeoward Fern Jug Jasmine Pitcher
Handcrafted pitcher. Glass. Hand wash. 5"Dia. x 8.125"T; holds 40 ounces. Made in Poland. Handcrafted jug. 7.25"T; holds 40 ounces. Handmade crystal. Handcrafted glass pitcher. Holds two quarts. 5.5"Dia. x 11"T.

Orrefors Kostaboda

NMF17_H9ZWV NMF17_H9ZVP Glacial Medium Bowl
Orrefors Kostaboda Revolution Small Bowl Orrefors Precious Dish Glacial Medium Bowl
Crystal bowl. Faceted, asymmetrical dish. Crystal. Designed by Malin Lindahl. Crystal bowl. 6.75"W x 4.75"T.

Orrefors Kostaboda Diamond 5" x 7" Frame Orrefors Kostaboda Eko Bowl, Blue Orrefors Kostaboda Plaza 5" x 7" Frame
Orrefors Kostaboda Plaza 4" x 6" Frame
Glass frame. Glass bowl. Hand blown Designed by Karim Rashid. 4.75"Dia. x 5"T. Made in Sweden. Crystal frame.


NMF17_H86E9 NMF17_H86ED NMF17_H86EG
Pearl Rectangular Platter Large Pearl Bowl
Orrefors Pearl Medium Bowl
Pearl Round Platter
Crystal platter. Textured on one side; smooth on the other. Dishwasher safe. Crystal bowl. Textured on one side; smooth on the other. Dishwasher safe. Crystal platter. Textured on one side; smooth on the other. Dishwasher safe.


Revolution Centerpiece Bowl 3-Piece Erik Decanter Set Raspberry Small Bowl
Crystal bowl. Crystal. Set includes decanter and two double old-fashioneds. Designed by Anne Nilsson. Bowl made of lead-free crystal.


NMF16_H86DG NMS15_H7UZF Explicit Checks Bowl
Kosta Boda  Organix Large Blue Bowl Kosta Boda Open Minds White Dish Explicit Checks Bowl
Glass bowl. Dish designed by Ulrica Hydman-Vallien. Made of glass. Hand-painted design. Cut crystal bowl. The graphic design is inspired by wooden fencing seen in the Swedish countryside.


Organix Large Green Bowl Still Life Golden Votive NMF16_H86DL
Kosta Boda  Organix Large Green Bowl Kosta Boda  Still Life Golden Votive Kosta Boda  Organix Large White Bowl
Glass bowl. Designed by Ludvig Lofgren. Votive made of glass. Glass bowl.

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