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European Curtains and Wallpaper

Dress your rooms in European style. English wallpapers and window collections. Choose from a range of patterns and colors. Classic and modern designs for every room. Go to:  Waterford Window Collections, Farrow & Ball Wallpaper, House of Hackney Wallpaper, Rifle Paper Co. Wallpaper

Farrow & Ball Wallpaper

Handcrafted artisanal wallpaper created in Dorset, England.

Slide View: 1: Farrow & Ball Shouchikubai Wallpaper Slide View: 2: Farrow & Ball Enigma Wallpaper Slide View: 1: Farrow & Ball Orangerie Wallpaper
Farrow & Ball Shouchikubai Wallpaper Farrow & Ball Enigma Wallpaper Farrow & Ball Orangerie Wallpaper
Meaning apricot, bamboo, and pine, Shouchikubai is an apt name for this beautiful botanical wallpaper. Bringing wild and geometric elements together with its plants motifs in neat hexagonal frames, it’s elegant with a distinctly Eastern appeal. With its precise print of interlocking rectangles, Enigma takes its name from the wartime encoding machine deciphered by Alan Turing. Its bold geometric pattern is deceptively simple, with a subtle sense of movement that becomes more apparent the closer you look. With an ornate pattern inspired by the fashionable hothouses of the 18th century, Orangerie is bursting with exotic flowers, lush foliage, and intricate details, creating a striking and sumptuous effect in traditional and contemporary homes alike.

Slide View: 1: Farrow & Ball Broad Stripe Wallpaper
Farrow & Ball Bamboo Wallpaper Farrow & Ball Broad Stripe Wallpaper Farrow & Ball Aranami Wallpaper
Adapted from a 19th century Japanese print, Bamboo’s striking pattern is made all the more appealing by its unique printing method. This gives the paper a beautifully tactile and organic finish, not unlike that of traditional brush calligraphy. This classic stripe design is created with a traditional dragging technique and real Farrow & Ball paint, bringing tangible depth to the paper and a sense of timelessness to your scheme. Aranami, meaning ‘raging waves,’ has its origins in the intricate Japanese paper cutting art of kiri-e. Keeping the precision of the original cutting, but introducing a hint of fluidity, the Farrow & Ball version mimics the ebb and flow of the tides for a dynamic yet calming effect.

Slide View: 1: Farrow & Ball Chromatic Stripe Wallpaper Slide View: 1: Farrow & Ball Hornbeam Wallpaper Slide View: 1: Farrow & Ball Lotus Wallpaper
Farrow & Ball Chromatic Stripe Wallpaper Farrow & Ball Hornbeam Wallpaper Farrow & Ball Lotus Wallpaper
Showcasing subtle variance within each stripe, Chromatic Stripe has all the timeless appeal of a classic striped pattern with an added dose of color and tactility. A striking addition to any space, it can be hung vertically or horizontally, or reverse-hung for a bold design statement. Bring the tranquil spirit of the English countryside to your walls with Hornbeam. Its graceful motif of cloud-pruned trees is inspired by Farrow & Ball’s roots in leafy Dorset. Inspired by the free-flowing patterns of Art Nouveau, this beautiful lotus flower motif adds a touch of 19th century elegance to contemporary walls. Its dramatic curves are printed with real Farrow & Ball paint, creating a sweeping sense of movement and a tactile feel.

Slide View: 1: Farrow & Ball Ringwold Wallpaper Slide View: 1: Farrow & Ball Yukutori Wallpaper
Farrow & Ball Ringwold Wallpaper Farrow & Ball Yukutori Wallpaper Farrow & Ball Amime Wallpaper
Lovingly adapted from an 18th-century silk pattern by master weaver James Leman, this climbing floral is wonderfully tactile thanks to a unique paint-on-paper printing method. Two new metallic colourways showcase the delicacy of Ringwold’s botanical design, its rambling stems printed with gold and ‘gilver’ – a mix of gold and silver. Eastern-inspired Yukutori borrows its name from the phenomenon of birds taking flight as a group, and its design from a Japanese mid-century pen and ink drawing - resulting in a simple and delicate design. Just like watching birds in flight, it will create a feeling of restfulness and contentment, wherever it’s used. Taking its name from the Japanese word for the space between netting, Amime’s textured woven effect makes for an endlessly alluring design. A harmonious meeting of geometric and organic, it brings walls to life and conjures tranquil coastal scenes.

Slide View: 1: Farrow & Ball Hegemone Wallpaper Slide View: 1: Farrow & Ball Peony Wallpaper Slide View: 2: Farrow & Ball Tessella Wallpaper
Farrow & Ball Hegemone Wallpaper Farrow & Ball Peony Wallpaper Farrow & Ball Tessella Wallpaper
Taking its name from the Greek goddess of fruit and flowers, each colorful spray within the Hegemone wallpaper is wonderfully optimistic. Less rigid and defined than a classic floral pattern, the design blooms freely in all directions to bring your walls to life. Both classic and contemporary, Peony is the definitive English floral. Its sumptuous motif of blooms brings modern glamour and romanticism together, for a print that offers the best of both worlds. Confident and charismatic, Tessella’s bold geometric print draws admiring glances wherever it hangs. Its pattern offers clean, contemporary appeal, but it’s the traditional printing method that really brings it to life on the wall, adding both texture and rich color to your scheme.

Slide View: 1: Farrow & Ball Closet Stripe Wallpaper Slide View: 1: Farrow & Ball Wisteria Wallpaper Slide View: 1: Farrow & Ball Ocelot Wallpaper
Farrow & Ball Closet Stripe Wallpaper Farrow & Ball Wisteria Wallpaper Farrow & Ball Ocelot Wallpaper
With a width of just ¾”, Closet Stripe is the narrowest in the Farrow & Ball collection. This slender stripe brings a clean and classic look, while the traditional drag technique used to print the pattern gives it an unexpected texture. Softly romantic, Wisteria’s blooming vines trail across the wall with carefree abandon. With its pattern drawn from 19th century jacquards, this paper captures the abundant beauty of late spring, when its namesake flowers are often at their best. Leopard print is second to none as a statement-making pattern, and nowhere is this better encapsulated than in Ocelot. Timeless enough to transcend ever-changing décor trends, it is a modern classic and brings instant character to any space.

Slide View: 1: Farrow & Ball Feather Grass Wallpaper Slide View: 1: Farrow & Ball Silvergate Wallpaper Slide View: 1: Farrow & Ball Helleborus Wallpaper
Farrow & Ball Feather Grass Wallpaper Farrow & Ball Silvergate Wallpaper Farrow & Ball Helleborus Wallpaper
Recreate the tranquility of a summer meadow with this large-scale, botanically bordered wallpaper, inspired by the English countryside. The delicate fronds and stems of Feather Grass create the impression of gentle movement and lend a calming look to any room of the home. With its extravagant flourishes and authentic 19th century design, Silvergate brings a regal effect to any wall. The use of real Farrow & Ball paints in its printing gives it an almost velvety, damask-like effect - and an undeniably luxurious feel. A wonderful way to bring a sense of rejuvenation and growth to any space, Helleborus is an unapologetically maximalist floral. Oversized and opulent with a gorgeously fluid sense of movement, it gives the impression that each petal is unfurling on your wall.

Slide View: 1: Farrow & Ball Tourbillon Wallpaper Slide View: 2: Farrow & Ball Gable Wallpaper Slide View: 1: Farrow & Ball Atacama Wallpaper
Farrow & Ball Tourbillon Wallpaper Farrow & Ball Gable Wallpaper Farrow & Ball Atacama Wallpaper
Taken from the studio of François Ducharne, whose sumptuously patterned silks were the toast of French couture houses from the 1920s to the 1960s, Tourbillon is a joyful graphic print whose segmented circles bring dynamic life to walls. Featuring a sweeping pattern of fields and farmyards, Gable’s traditional village scenes make a charming addition to any wall. Dotted with playful details to spark the imagination, the large-scale pattern takes on more character the more closely you look. Reimagined with new metallic prints of silver on dusky blue De Nimes and gold against a backdrop of rich Paean Black, Gable takes on an even more magical air. For the ultimate in escapism, transform your walls with this playful tropical print. With rich textures to explore, prickly cacti to find, and an intricate botanical design, Atacama won’t fail to bring a smile - much like the flowering South American desert it is named after.

House of Hackney Wallpaper

Founded by Frieda Gormley and Javvy M Royle in 2011, House of Hackney is the British interiors brand renowned for ripping up the rule book and dreaming up iconic prints inspired by the world we live in. As design rebels with a cause, the House has spearheaded a renaissance for painterly prints and exquisite colour, while championing traditional craftsmanship and eco-friendly production.

Slide View: 1: Avalon Wallpaper
House of Hackney Dinosauria Wallpaper Avalon Wallpaper House of Hackney Amarantha Wallpaper
A Toile de Jouy-style print celebrating a long-lost kingdom, the 'Dinosauria' wallpaper puts prehistoric creatures back into the spotlight. At once spirited and sophisticated, this print works beautifully in both children’s and adults’ bedrooms – all while symbolising the need to protect our fragile planet. Offering an untamed backdrop of sunflowers, poppies, and daisies, this wallpaper brings an enchanting touch of the outdoors inside. Inspired by a print found in the archives of French wallpaper house Zuber dating back to 1850, the ‘Amarantha’ wallpaper showcases a rococo-style block-printed background with an exquisite floral motif layered over the top. Reinvented in a rich palette, it boasts a contemporary appeal yet feels as opulent as ever.

Slide View: 1: Gaia Wallpaper Slide View: 3: House of Hackney Blackthorn Wallpaper
House of Hackney Zanjan Wallpaper Gaia Wallpaper House of Hackney Blackthorn Wallpaper
The unusual pattern of ‘Zanjan’ is based on an antique Persian rug discovered at the iconic London department store Liberty. Cover your walls with this intricate print to infuse your interior with globe-trotting style. Named after the Greek goddess known for nurturing life on earth, this rich wallpaper offers a lush backdrop of blooms and birds entwined in swirling vines. Originally created by William Morris in 1892, the ‘Blackthorn’ wallpaper flourishes with hawthorns, daisies, tulips and foliage, all lovingly remastered for a new generation. At the heart of this Art Nouveau motif is the symmetricity of the plant formation – an integral element of Morris’ work.

Slide View: 1: House of Hackney Limerence Wallpaper Slide View: 3: House of Hackney Babylon Wallpaper Slide View: 3: House of Hackney Serpentis Wallpaper
House of Hackney Limerence Wallpaper House of Hackney Babylon Wallpaper House of Hackney Serpentis Wallpaper
A beautiful way to bring the outdoors in, the ‘Limerence’ wallpaper takes its inspiration from the tropical vistas of Sri Lanka. Originally created in collaboration with Annabel's of Mayfair – dubbed “arguably one of the most elegant clubs in the world” – this print will imbue your home with ambience. Capturing the elegance of 1950s Palm Springs, the ‘Babylon’ wallpaper is painted with weeping willow trees in pastel shades – bringing the beauty of nature into the home while setting a sophisticated mood in any space. Snakeskin print is a timeless style icon. Reimagined for the home, the ‘Serpentis’ wallpaper comes in a taupe colourway that works surprisingly well as a neutral, perfectly complementing any interiors scheme. Let it cover an entire room for the most seductive take.

Slide View: 3: House of Hackney Paradisa Wallpaper Slide View: 3: House of Hackney Poppium Wallpaper Slide View: 3: House of Hackney Wild Card Wallpaper
House of Hackney Paradisa Wallpaper House of Hackney Poppium Wallpaper House of Hackney Wild Card Wallpaper
Be instantly transported to the tropics with the ‘Paradisa’ wallpaper. A modern interpretation of 1930s Hawaiian chinoiserie, this print is painted with colourful parrots amidst exotic flowers and verdant leaves, bringing the sublime beauty of nature into the home. The ‘Poppium’ wallpaper is both timelessly elegant and quintessentially English. An ebony and off-white palette proves that using dark colours in the home need not be daunting – so, let it bring interest to a feature wall or make a statement by covering an entire room. Leopard print is not only timeless but a true neutral – perfect for mixing and matching with other patterns. In a pared-back butterscotch colourway, the ‘Wild Card’ wallpaper will also complement any interior design scheme, so go ahead and pitch it wherever you might like.

Slide View: 3: House of Hackney Artemis Wallpaper Slide View: 3: House of Hackney Palmeral Wallpaper Slide View: 3: House of Hackney Midnight Garden Wallpaper
House of Hackney Artemis Wallpaper House of Hackney Palmeral Wallpaper House of Hackney Midnight Garden Wallpaper
A rebellious take on traditional floral wallpaper, ‘Artemis’ is painted with psychedelic watercolour wildflowers. Paying homage to the work of 19th century interior designer William Morris, this print also nods to former Vogue editor Diana Vreeland’s famous ‘Garden in Hell’ room. Want to bring the outdoors into the home? There’s no better place to start than the iconic ‘Palmeral’ wallpaper. While nodding to Art Deco design, this print also pays homage to Loddiges – once one of the world’s largest palm houses based in Hackney, London during the Georgian period. Inspired by the Dutch masters, the ‘Midnight Garden’ wallpaper evokes an English country garden at nightfall. A haunting beautiful take on traditional floral prints, its painterly blooms are utterly timeless.

Slide View: 3: House of Hackney Florika Wallpaper Slide View: 3: House of Hackney Mey Meh Wallpaper Slide View: 3: House of Hackney Opia Wallpaper
House of Hackney Florika Wallpaper House of Hackney Mey Meh Wallpaper House of Hackney Opia Wallpaper
Inspired by the traditional textiles once traded along the Silk Road, ‘Florika’ is an artful take on the timeless paisley print. Shot through with jewel tones, this wallpaper will bring rich colour to the home while evoking an exotic and heady mood. The modern-classic ‘Mey Meh’ print was inspired by an intricate 17th century carpet, found in the Oriental Carpets Department at historic London department store Liberty. Evocative of the souks of Marrakech, this wallpaper will instill your home with a sense of wonder. The perennial poppy takes center stage on the ‘Poppium’ wallpaper – a modern update on traditional English floral prints. Opulent yet beautifully bohemian in feel, this print will bring sumptuous colour to any room in the home.

Slide View: 3: House of Hackney Zeus Wallpaper Slide View: 3: House of Hackney Troop Wallpaper
House of Hackney Zeus Wallpaper House of Hackney Troop Wallpaper
Capturing an idyllic river scene, the ‘Zeus' wallpaper paints watercolour cranes and weeping willows on a dramatic carob backdrop. Greek and Roman mythology often portrayed the dance of cranes as a celebration of life, so this print is sure to bring a sense of joy to your home. Combining the animal kingdom with Art Deco-inspired design, the ‘Troop’ wallpaper is illustrated with a tribe of climbing monkeys. At once spirited and sophisticated, this print was originally created to add interest to small corners of the home but works equally well on entire walls.

Slide View: 1: Florika Wallpaper Slide View: 1: Opia Wallpaper Slide View: 1: Majorelle Wallpaper
Florika Wallpaper Opia Wallpaper Majorelle Wallpaper
A painterly interpretation of a paisley print, this wallpaper design of spirited florals in a heather and golden-yellow palette is a fresh statement for a bedroom, breakfast nook, or sun room. Inspired by heady summer days, this regal wallpaper design - perfect for an office, dining room or foyer - offers a warm bronze background filled with twilight poppies. Featuring midnight-hued florals, this wallpaper design references the archetypal decorations of the Jacobean era. Shades of petrol and burgundy, layered with iridescent turquoise accents, result in a truly remarkable, dramatic backdrop fit for a dining or living room.

Slide View: 1: Limerence Wallpaper Slide View: 1: Limerence Wallpaper
Limerence Wallpaper Artemis Wallpaper Limerence Wallpaper
Inspired by the rich and verdant landscapes of Sri Lanka, this wallpaper features a painterly representation of abundant greenery with a peek of a clear blue sky, resulting in a truly tropical masterpiece for your interior. Drawing inspiration from textile designer and social activist William Morris, the artisans at beloved British label House of Hackney champion print, color, and texture that pay homage to the past while making a thoroughly modern statement. In collaboration with the William Morris Gallery, this capsule collection is influenced by the natural world and relies upon small-scale, highly skilled British manufacturers to bring each design to life. Each House of Hackney print and paper serves Morris's adage - "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." This colorful wallpaper depicts lush tropical flora, adding depth and definition to any room you choose. From House of Hackney, the renowned British design house, which offers luxurious, colorfully printed papers that transform a room - each panel is a work of floor-to-ceiling art.

Slide View: 2: Smoky Rose Wallpaper
House of Hackney Khasia Wallpaper Rainbow Rose Wallpaper Smoky Rose Wallpaper
At once sophisticated and subversive, the ‘Khasia’ wallpaper features a print of slinky snakes intertwined around a geometric bamboo trellis. A contemporary interpretation of an archive design by French interiors house Zuber, this motif will create instant drama in any room. Wrap your walls in this graceful depiction of roses and morning glories atop a striped background. Inspired by the romantic mist and grandeur of London, this rose-patterned wallpaper is rich, yet understated. Alongside crisp, white bedroom linens, it's the perfect finishing touch in guest quarters and master suites. From House of Hackney, the renowned British design house, which offers luxurious, colorfully printed papers that transform a room - each panel is a work of floor-to-ceiling art.

House of Hackney Bambusa Wallpaper Empire Wallpaper House of Hackney Sumatra Wallpaper
Evoking a verdant bamboo forest, the inspiration for ‘Bambusa’ came from an archive Zuber wallpaper print. Designed to create a mural effect across your walls, its lush palette and painterly print will imbue the home with a sense of peace and serenity. Digitally printed paper. Sweden The noble Sumatran tiger looks out over his kingdom – the mysterious jungle temples of Indonesia – in the sublime ‘Sumatra’ wallpaper. Inspired by the French Toile de Jouy prints of the 18th century, this design conjures a mood for globe-trotting travel while celebrating the beauty of nature.

Rifle Paper Co. Wallpaper

Anna Bond is the whimsical whirlwind behind Rifle Paper Co., the Florida-based stationery boutique and design studio whose heartfelt notecards and quirky journals have us smitten.

Rifle Paper Co. Wildwood Wallpaper Rifle Paper Co. Garden Party Wallpaper Rifle Paper Co. City Maps Wallpaper
Inspired by antique botanical drawings, this wallpaper features a stunning array of wildflowers and other natural greenery. Featuring an array of bold, vibrant florals, this wallpaper allows spring to flourish in your home all year long. With iconic landmarks from Bangkok to Cairo, this unique wallpaper is a fitting backdrop for a world-wanderer's home.

Rifle Paper Co. Fable Wallpaper Rifle Paper Co. Tapestry Wallpaper Rifle Paper Co. Grasscloth Wallpaper
Inspired by classic story tales, this wallpaper features an enchanting pattern of woodland creatures exploring a lush forest. Featuring a delicate pattern of flowers, leaves, and other botanicals, this meadow-inspired wallpaper lends a serene touch to any interior. An elegant alternative to painted walls, this wallpaper welcomes a touch of natural texture into your interior.

Rifle Paper Co. Camont Wallpaper Rifle Paper Co. Peacock Wallpaper
Inspired by an 18th-century farmhouse in France, this wallpaper features a plethora of opulence - from blooming fig and lemon trees, to gilded water fountains, and more Starring magnificent perched peacocks, this wallpaper lends a classic, yet playful aesthetic to your interior.

Waterford Window Collections

Waterford - Jonet Curtain Collection
Waterford Everett Curtain Collection Jonet Curtain Collection
Waterford's Everett solid window panels pair with an ascot valance featuring a woven textured diamond motif in a deep teal hue, finished with a soft tassel accent. Waterford's Jonet window panels feature a subdued geometric woven ogee pattern. The coordinating valance boasts a beautiful medallion jacquard design in elegant cream and aqua, surrounded by delicate ball fringe.

Waterford - Florence Curtain Collection Waterford - Abrielle Curtain Collection Waterford - Chantelle Curtain Collection
Waterford Florence Curtain Collection Waterford Abrielle Curtain Collection Chantelle Curtain Collection
Waterford's Florence solid blue chambray window panels pair with a scalloped valance featuring a beautiful oversized woven paisley pattern in shades of ivory, blue and taupe. Waterford's Abrielle curtain collection is rendered in a creamy vanilla heavy weight sateen. The coordinating cascade valance is a beautiful woven lattice damask pattern in lovely shades of ivory and champagne finished with a rich, soft fringe. Waterford's Chantelle curtain collection features a subtle taupe striped jacquard design. The coordinating valance boasts a gorgeous leaf jacquard in shades of taupe, ivory and gray with gold accents and decorative fringe.

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